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Remember an ethical person has standards and values by which they live. When considering Politicians you may want to review the following:
Washington Ethics Society. (2013). What does “ethics” mean?
Having ethics suggests that truth-telling exemplifies character traits of excellence. There is the notion of integrity in truth-telling (Begley, 2008).
Begley, A. (2008). Truth-telling, honesty, and compassion. A virtue-based exploration of a dilemma in patience. International
Journal of Nursing Practice, 14, pp. 336-341.
A wonderful article by Montopoli, B. (2012). Lying Politicians: A fact of life. http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-250_162-57485776/lying-politicians-
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Considerations in Ethics
Every Profession needs a code of Ethics. Some important questions to create critical thinking about a code of ethics (Howard, 2001) are:
1.Reciprocity: Does the rule apply to you and are you initating or receiving the action?
2. Universality: Do you want the rules to apply to everyone?
3. Consistency: Is the system of rule logiclly consistent?
4. Actualization: Does the rule provide guidance for behavior?
Howard, R. (2001). The ethical or/ms professional. Interfaces, 31(6), pp. 69-82.
· https://blackboard.fmarion.edu/images/ci/sets/set01/document_on.gif
Ethical Words
A Jewish Sage found in Green & Levi (2004).
“Watch your thoughts, they become your words;
Watch your words, they become your actions;
Watch your actions, they become your habits;
Watch your habits, they become your character;
Watch your character, it will beomce your destiny.”
Green, M. & Levi, B. (2004). The truth about lying. American Journal of Bioethics, 4(4), pp. 63-64.

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