1. Less Fat In Recipes We All Enjoy Recipes That We Prepare Or Our Families Prepare. Give A Complete Recipe For An Item And Give The Revised Copy Of That Same Recipe Reducing The Fat. Tell How You Would Reduce The Fat In One Of Your Favorite Recipes W

1. Less Fat in Recipes
We all enjoy recipes that we prepare or our families prepare. Give a complete recipe for an item and give the revised copy of that same recipe reducing the fat. Tell how you would reduce the fat in one of your favorite recipes without altering the quality of the final product. You should complete this in table format so that you have a side by side comparison. If you don’t have a favorite or family recipe, use a recipe from an online website.
2. Protein in the Diet
The American diet many times contains protein eaten in excess. How might this excess have an influence on the health of individuals? What are the differences in animal and plant-based proteins? What are your thoughts on why you choose animal or plant-based proteins?
3. Digestion, Absorption and Transport
Digestion transforms the foods we eat into nutrients and absorption moves nutrients from the GI tract into the blood. Optimal digestion and absorption depend on the good health of the digestive tract, which is affected by such lifestyle factors as sleep, physical activity, state of mind, and the meals you eat. Give an example of 2 common digestive problems, briefly describe them and outline the strategies to prevent or alleviate these problems.

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