American culture and politics historical event

American culture and politics

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Choose a historical event that you believe had a significant impact on American government and politics. Create a 1-2 page summary of the event and your justification as to why you believe the event had a significant impact on American culture and politics. Reference ideas and theories from the course texts in correct APA citation.
Post your paper to the Discussion Thread with a short, historical introduction of the event as well as your justification for choosing the event Spend time reviewing other students’ papers. Comment on at least 2 students’ papers by providing additional justification and/or a critique of their paper.
Review the comments provided by your fellow students and answer the following questions:
• Did any feedback make you reconsider the historical event you chose? Why or why not?• Did the feedback received help you make a stronger argument for your position or did it make you question your major assumptions?• What other historical events did you read about that should be considered as having a major impact on American culture, government and politics?


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