Amongst the issues that concern the International Health community is food borne

Amongst the issues that concern the International Health community is food borne infections/illnesses/poisoning, and contaminated consumer goods. Center for Disease Prevention, & Control, (2017), indicates that there are various programs in place to address the concerns of food borne infections which include; healthy water, global acute diarrheal diseases program, and food safety. Surveillance systems are in place to help detect, and also help in strategizing plans in the effort to responding to an outbreak. They also alert public health, and regulatory agencies to about the infectious product, which is therefore recalled from the market., (2017), indicates that food borne diseases can impact travel because for example water in developing countries can contaminated with bacteria, and other, (2017) advises to avoid tap water, and to boil the water before drinking it or to drink bottled water. Another area that would be negatively impacted is trade. An example would be the restriction of importation of meats from other countries that are thought to not have the standards of food processing as in America. The organization also outlined some of the strategies to help in the prevention of food borne illnesses which include; cooking foods at certain temperatures, storing food at certain temperatures, and how to clean surfaces used for food preparation.
World Health Organization, (2017), indicates that there is a global burden of diseases that are food borne caused by various pathogenic organisms according to data obtained, and reported to the organization., (2017) helps outlines steps by which food gets contamination which include; during production or growing of food that is watered with contaminated water, contamination at the processing plants, during distribution whereby food is left on the dock before refrigeration for too long which allows the growth of bacteria, and during preparation especially if food is not properly prepared before eating or cooking.
Healthcare system may work to address global health by sharing critical information with other regions, countries, continents or health departments, and can work collaboratively in determining solutions to challenges being faced globally.
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