Another important element is the state of the health care services that are provided; they need to be of high quality despite the wide coverage

Another important element is the state of the health care services that are provided; they need to be of high quality despite the wide coverage. This is done by excluding the pre-existing conditions of discrimination and prohibition of non-important elements. Through this, some of the provisions offered are not only enhanced, but also comprehensiveness is achieved. State flexibility is the other element, and hence some of the programs need to be established so as to ensure that the low income individuals are in a position to access the services.
Still focusing on the elements, there is the aspect of public programs, which ensure that the roles are achieved. This mostly comes with the adjustment of some of the sub programs in order to ensure that there is improved access to proper health care. Additionally, new patient models need to be developed; this is based on the increased number of patients. Since the number of people is large, then it is important to ensure that the models available cater for the patients. From this, the medical terms are addressed, and therefore some of the limitations are avoided.
As mentioned earlier, the healthcare affordable act ensures that services provided are more than efficient, and therefore this requires most efficient people to be present. This cuts across the health care providers, in this case, we shall focus on the nurses. To begin with, it is their role to ensure that tests are done in the right procedures, and hence better health care is fostered. This not only offers the faster recovery to the patients but also results in the success of the health facility at large. Another role comes hand in hand with the treatment services, which are rendered in the facility. The nurses are influential and hence when it comes to the implementation law, they play the role of patient safety. The main aim of the health care models and programs is to improve the traditional system to ensure that patients receive the most affordable quality services.
Another role is to ensure that there is coordination; this comes from the aspect of engaging with the other health care providers as well as ensuring that the patients are also involved. This means that without coordination nothing can be done and more so the health system could be subjected to failure. However, with the nurses, the transition is possible, and more so the services offered are not only relevant but also they offer assurance to the patients. More so, when it comes to the roles, the nurses bring out the aspect of responsibility and hence through the engaging done they are in a position to enhance effectiveness.
Nurses play the role of a leader, and it is due this that they are able to improve some of the areas, which are not considered essential. Out of this, they not only discharge patients that are better in terms of the health status but also they are able to reform the society. To sum up, the key role of the nurses is to offer efficiency and engage in all efforts that are possible this is important since it ensures that the patients receive their rights as citizens.

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