Family structural theory was developed by Salvador Minuchin and focuses on identifying the strengthens of a family system in order to reduce dysfunctional in interactions in the family of different lines. In set of families that have different lines there tend to be conflicts between the members of that family either because of one issues or the other. There some ways that can be used to help this marriage to function together.
Salvador Minuchin uses the idea of one mirror technique to teach the families on viewing side of the mirror to move from being a participant to being an evaluation observer. He is able to do this by bring them in a viewing room and pointing the patterns of transaction occurring in the side to integrate this into theoretical change it requires of insight or understanding for this reconstructing effort to take place. Through encouraging love between the first family and the second family the man of the should always encourage love between the two families at all time.
Therapy session we should at all times discourage the session as there are constant reminder of the family set up because at most of the time the topic discussed in this room will tend to bring dysfunction in the family since there will be some unbalancing between the families. The head of the house should try to balance the two families equal by treating them equal at all times not showing one side love to one of the family
To sum up it might be difficult and hard at some times to bring harmony between the two families but it takes time, patience and through the use of the point that we have discussed above they can be peaceful co-existence between the and reduce the dysfunction in the family
Brown, B. V., Borkent, A., Wetzer, R., & Pentcheff, D. (2014). New Types. Structural theory

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