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German Renaissance and Reformation Art class ( Paper )

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Assignment: Find something in art history that interests you and sparks your curiosity regarding art produced in German-speaking countries between ca. 1400 and 1550 that I have not incorporated into the lectures and which, according to the syllabus, I do not plan to include. Write an essay in which you make a case for the integration of this material that I failed to use. You might choose a work of art, an artist, a detail in a painting, an insight on some work or works that I overlooked, or a social or political matter that needs to be addressed.
In your 5-page essay (including images and footnotes) you should:
1. Identify the work or works you are referencing
2. Describe the original historical context in which and for which the work(s) was made.
3. Explain how or why this work or works could be used to engage issues that are relevant today.
4. Cite all the publications that you used, according to conventional academic footnoting practices. (Chicago Manual of Style is preferred.)
I recommend the following site if you have questions about how to cite your references in an academic paper:
5. Your paper will be graded on your insightful-ness, your demonstrated ability to identify and reference works of art history correctly, your demonstrated ability to reference scholarly literature, and the persuasiveness of your writing.
You might want to begin your paper with:
– If I were to teach this class, I would give a lecture on …
– A class on German Renaissance and Reformation art should include…
– One aspect of [name a particular work] that was not addressed in class was …
– We might use [name of a particular work or works] to grapple with current issues of [race, xenophobia, misogyny, colonialism, public health…]
Meisterstiche ( Albrecht Dürer )
* we already talked about the artist Durer and his life and works in deeply
we also talked about a lot of engraving artworks  *  but we did not talk about Meisterstiche



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