Assignment is to be no longer than one page typed in Times New Roman font, 12 pt, double spaced, and follows APA format. Must list references in APA format and answer ALL of the following questions from a nursing standpoint.
The real world operates on opinion, emotion, and relationships. Do you think it is ever ethical to lie or distort information to win the support of legislation? Why or why not? What is Distributive Justice? Give a real-life example of distributive justice. Is it ever ethical to lie to a patient or to the public about a healthcare issue? Consider the Global aspect of this issue. Do you see ethics practiced the same throughout the world?
Do you believe Electronic Medical Records (EMR) help or hinder medical care? What about the use of technology of Personal Health Records (PHRs)? Are there issues with EMR and/or PHRs we need to consider? Do either system affect healthcare finance? What do you believe the future holds for records in healthcare?
Give a minimum of two references, one must be a peer reviewed journal article.

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