Assignment 3: Final Project: Options Paper

This week, you will describe the range of options that are available to address the problem. Defining a core list of reasonable options is a critically important part of the process of developing a solution to a problem.
(Impact of Lead Exposure)
For this assignment:
Review a reputable source of information on developing options and resolving conflicts when solving problems.
Study the range of options that have previously been proposed or tested for solving your chosen environmental health problem. Create additional potential options based on your own judgment and knowledge. Identify potential advantages and disadvantages of each option.
Write a 3- to 4-page options paper in a Microsoft Word document addressing the following:
State the 2- to 3-sentence problem statement you submitted in Week 2.
Briefly introduce the topic of generating options when solving a problem. Describe a formal method by which the advantages and disadvantages of potential options can be evaluated by stakeholder groups to rank the potential options and to resolve conflicts when ranking options.
Describe and analyze several options to address the problem (options). Include solutions for populations with disparities, if applicable.
Limit your consideration to three to four major options. Briefly describe each option and the main advantages and disadvantages of each major option for solving the problem, including:
The likely effectiveness of the proposed solution
Costs in terms of dollars as well as effort and other resources (the exact costs are not needed but options should be described in semiquantitative terms ranging from “very expensive” to “relatively inexpensive” or ranging from “most expensive” to “least expensive”)
Time required for the option to bring about the desired result
Stakeholder issues (limit this section to the key stakeholder groups you identified in your Week 4 landscape paper. Discuss your three to four proposed options with regard to acceptability to certain stakeholders, lack of acceptability to other stakeholders, and common ground for all stakeholders)
Potential unforeseen consequences of the proposed solution or difficulties in implementing the solution
Summarize your three to four chosen options in a table with one row for each option and with the column names as:
Name of option
Main advantages of option
Main disadvantages of option

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