For this week’s assignment, I want you to delve into the scientific literature on micronutrients to learn about a topic of your choice.
Requirements for paper selection:
1. Your paper must relate to the vitamins and/or minerals.
Some suggestions:
–search for a particular vitamin or a particular mineral
–search for vitamins or minerals and a particular disease or condition
2. Your paper must be a scientific article published in a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal.
–> Read through instructions for Finding Scientific Research Articles .
–> Click here (Links to an external site.) for a list of respected, peer-reviewed journals in nutrition science.
–> If your article is not from a scholarly journal, you will receive a zero on the assignment, with an opportunity to resubmit a summary of a paper that meets the criteria.
3. Your paper must describe research on humans.
–> Do not select a paper that studies animals or cells in a lab.
–> Research on animals or cells in a lab often does not translate to what actually happens within the complex human body. (Do you have any idea how many times we’ve cured obesity in mice?)
4. Your paper must have been published within the last three years.
–> Make sure the date of publication is 2012 or later.
Once you’ve selected an article that meets these criteria and sounds interesting, read through it and prepare to answer the questions below.
Remember the suggestions I gave you in week four for reading scientific papers:
Here are a few tips for reading a scientific paper that might keep you from getting lost in the details:
1. Begin by reading the Abstract and Introduction sections carefully.
2. Skim the Materials and Methods section very lightly.
3. Skim the Results section. Look for key differences between groups.
Don’t get bogged down in the statistical jargon. At this level, it’s okay if you don’t fully understand everything.
4. Read the Discussion section carefully.
For this assignment, submit a Word file or PDF that contains the following information about your chosen article:
1. Full bibliographic citation for the article. Use the following format (APA style):
Last, F. M. (Year Published). Article title. Journal Name, Volume(Issue), pp. Page(s). doi:# or Retrieved from URL
Poiger, U. G. (1996). Rock ‘n’ roll, female sexuality, and the Cold War Battle over German Identities. The Journal of Modern History, 68(3), 577. doi:10.1086/245343
If there are three authors or less, list all three. If there are more than three authors, list the first three and indicate the rest by typing: et al. (This is a Latin abbreviation that means “and others”.)
2. Brief summary of what the authors found.
This must be in your own words. If you copy directly from any part of the article itself, you will receive zero points.
3. Discuss the findings and how they fit in with what you’re learning in this course.
Some things you may wish to consider in your discussion:
–What do you find personally interesting about the paper?
–Does this paper support or contradict anything you’ve learned about nutrition?
–Does this paper raise any questions? What would you like to see the authors do next?

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