Subspecialy Project
Therapist in a variety health care settings
1. A sign up sheet will be circulated with names of the different Respiratory Therapy specialties.
2. Each individual in the class will select a specialty and work with the individuals who are interested in that same area. There will be a maximum of two people in each area.
3. Each paper should include any special requirements to work in a particular specialty area. These requirements could include but are not limited to any additional degrees, specialty exams, credentials, work experience, salaries if you can find it, etc. It should also include what they actually do, where they work, who their patients are, etc. It should reflect a day in the life of that therapist.
4. The findings will presented to the class. This will deal specficaly which the work of an respirtory therapist role in the home care setting.
My subspecalty is——Home Care – delivering patient care in the home setting.
he project should be about one page typed, single space, about 500 words. Each paper is required to be well organized a sequential where it pertains. Your name, the date and the topic should be included in the heading of each paper.
References should follow an APA formatting.
Each project should be in Microsoft Word with 12 Arial font. If you do not have Microsoft Word it will need to be converted before it is posted. Please see me or the Open Computer Lab if you are having problems with this step.
Each group/individual will submit their project on Discussion Board by the due date. Since these are group projects, only one paper per topic is required, but it must include all of the group members names. The due date can be found on the Course Outline.

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