Assignment Week 10

Assignment Week 10
Weekly Resources
Find a peer reviewed journal article in the Walden University Library published in the last 5 years related to one of the following: (see attached pdf file) and citation highlighted in yellow below:
Skills needed for employment in informatics
Barriers to EHR employment
Nursing and technology
Assignment—Part 1
In a minimum of 550 words, answer the questions below in APA format and apply the required references as noted below.
After reviewing the Practicum Weekly Resources, record responses to the following in your Journal:
1) What are the lessons you learned article that you could utilize in your own career?
2) What specific actions can you take now to prepare to be marketable in the nursing informatics field in the future?
Assignment—Part 2
Note: Each week, you are responsible for locating a scholarly journal article in the Walden Library related to your area(s) of interest. Include in your Journal the reference in proper APA format and provide a brief summary of the article. (See attached pdf file)
Assignment—Part 3
Onsite Visits
Summarize the key activities of your visits to your Practicum site (as appropriate), including with whom you met, what you did, and what you gained from the experience.

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