Branches of the U.S. federal government.

How effective are the political structures set up by the Constitution in dealing with contemporary problems? To answer this question, please:
Work with the topic from your annotated bibliography that you completed earlier this semester. The topics were the Affordable Care Act; same-sex marriage; equal pay for women; immigration reform; gun control; racial equality; or climate change.
Attached is an annotated bibliography that I wrote that 4 of the 7 sources should be taken from and I chose the topic of Climate Change.
Summarize the roles, powers, and operation of the three main branches of government.
Explain how each of the three branches of government has played a part in addressing your topic, with particular attention to our class discussion/readings on Separation of Powers as well as Checks and Balances.
What are some ways that our system of government “works” to address your issue?
What are some ways that our system of government does not “work” to address your issue?

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