Canadian Law

21. Under the Ontario Human Rights code, Canadians are protected from discrimination based on 10 grounds what are they?
22a. Canadian laws protect every worker in Canada, including foreign workers. In Canada, foreign workers have 3 basic rights, describe them for up to 6 marks, 2 marks each.
22b- Explain to me 5 jobs where federal human rights law would apply.
22c- Can you explain to me who created the Canadian Human Rights Maturity model and what it was designed for.
SECTION C- Fact-30 marks
Explain to me in at least one double spaced page:
23- What were the residential schools and who did they apply to?
24- Who funded and who administered them?
25- Which law made it primarily active and in what year and when was the last school closed.
26- Explain what it did and what the reasoning behind it was.
27- Explain who it victimized and how it victimized them.

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