Case Analysis -Termination Of Life

Activity Instructions: Case Analysis: Termination of Life
The purpose of this activity is to conduct an in-depth study of a case involving passive or active intervention by a physician to end the life of a patient. You can choose any case you wish from the literature and the popular media over the last several years. Your research should yield sufficient data to address the following points of analysis.
1. A description of the patient’s condition, including their capacity to make informed decisions
2. The arguments and position taken by the medical staff
3. The position, attitude, and feelings of the family or proxy and, if applicable, the patient
4. The legal and ethical issues involved in the case
5. A summary of the actions taken with the supporting justification
You are free to include other aspects that may be pertinent or unique and that add to the understanding of the issues in the case, but at a minimum, your case must address the five (5) points outlined above.
The final component of this activity is to prepare a Conclusion and Position Statement that details your position on the case and your rationale or justification. A bibliography formatted in APA style is required. (A 3+-page response is required.)

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