Case Study

Review the following readings and do additional research:
• Associated Press. (2009,). Scrub Tech causes major hepatitis scare in Colo.
The organization does have personnel responsible for quality assurance, compliance, and legal or risk management. However, even with internal resources, a hospital may hire an external consultant for another viewpoint and recommendations. Suppose you have been contracted to prepare an external consultant report. Some issues you may need to deal with include the legal process or obligations in response to the employee’s behavior, whether the public should be informed, and how you should deal with the public at potential risk.
Though the ethical issues may seem obvious, you should analyze the situation and determine the best course of action. Prepare a consultant report for top management, addressing the following:
Identify the inherent issues.
Assess the existing control systems.
Clearly indicate what you believe are the inherent problems.
Assess present organizational and staffing decisions.
Suggest areas that need improvement.
Provide a sequence of steps to address the legal and quality concerns raised by the case.
Support your statements with assigned readings and your additional research.
Write your assignment in a Word document. The paper should be 3–5 pages long. It should be in APA format, and should have a title page and a reference page.

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