Case Study

I have the following Case study, it is simply a memo to a perspective employer. Doesn’t require citations or references. But needs to be in APA format.
You will be graduating from college soon with a degree in healthcare management. You are considering different career choices and would like to work for the government. You are thinking of applying to both state and local health departments but are unsure of what types of activities you may be involved with as a healthcare manager. You will present a memo to your potential employer on comparative effectiveness research (CER) recommendations and efforts toward one of the models described in the text: Restrictions of the Introduction and Dissemination of Technology, Restrictions of Choice of Treatment Procedures, Restrictions on Choices of Provider, Quality Improvement, and Cost Savings.
1. Using the internet, look up the state and local health departments in Rhode Island and provide a brief overview of their activities.
2. Discuss the role that state and local health departments have in healthcare.
3. Describe the purpose, function, and mechanisms of the CER Model you recommend.
4. Identify the benefits of implementing this CER system.

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