CHAPTER 6, Culture In Completing The Case Study, Students Will Be Addressing The Following Learning Objective: Describe Skills Essential To The Implementation Of Culturally Competent Care. 1. Mrs. Maria Gonzalez Is A Mexican National, Age 58, Who Was Brou

CHAPTER 6, Culture
In completing the case study, students will be addressing the following learning objective:
Describe skills essential to the implementation of culturally competent care.
1. Mrs. Maria Gonzalez is a Mexican National, age 58, who was brought to a health clinic by her adult son. She is complaining that she has had aches and pains all over her body for 2 days. Mrs. Gonzalez states that her neighbor is a witch who gave her the mal do ojo (evil eye) and cast a spell on her to cause her death. The clinic nurse takes an oral temperature and it is 101º F. The clinic nurse refers Mrs. Gonzales to the clinic physician because she believes that the client has influenza. Mrs. Gonzales is reluctant to see the doctor and states that the doctor cannot prevent her death.
(Learning Objective: 8)
a. How can the nurse provide culturally competent care to Mrs. Gonzalez and convince her to see the clinic doctor?
b. Can Mrs. Gonzalez be convinced that there is no spell cast on her to cause her death? Explain your answer.

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