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planning and collaboration

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PART 3: Collaboration and Implementation
Examine the process of planning and collaboration needed to implement your department’s initiatives, and assess the impact of your department’s new operations on other departments.
Describe how you will need to collaborate and consult with colleagues within and across departments.
What kind of strategic partnerships will you develop to ensure a more competitive and financially sound department? What resources and support would you seek from these partnerships?
Briefly describe the strategies anticipated for implementing your department’s proposals, considering the budget cycle, factors that affect the budget process, and the structure of financial management.
What are some challenges and opportunities in the process of planning and management?
What options exist within the department and institution if you are faced with unanticipated and unbudgeted major expense?
Impact on other departments:
Describe the potential impact of your departments proposals on other programs, departments, faculty, and staff. Describe your plan to address any anticipated impact.
***I have attached part 1 and 2 for you to view also this assignment in a word document***


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