criminal justice

criminal justice
Chapter 10 discussion due date november 5, 2016 before 11:59 pm
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Assume you are a suspect and are made to appear in a police lineup. You are suspected of a sexual assault allegedly committed by “a Hispanic who was about 5 feet 8, wore jeans, and spoke with an accent.” You are Hispanic, about 5 feet 10, and one of three Hispanics of similar height in the lineup. All three of you speak with an accent; all three of you are wearing jeans. You are identified by the victim after you were made to repeat the statement “I will kill you if you shout.”
Were your constitutional rights violated, and if so, what specific right(s)? Support your answer.
Chapter 7 Written Communication class discussion post due november 6, 2016 before 11:59 pm
Go to the JCAHO internet page and find the standards for documenting in the medical record. Discuss two of the standards and why they are important in written communication.
English world literature discussion post questions-due november 6, 2016 before 11;59 pm
Question 1
In The Odyssey, we noted plenty of cases of the gods directly influencing human affairs. In Antigone, however, those influences are merely guessed at. How does the role of the gods in this play differ from The Odyssey?
Question 2
Antigone is both admirable and troubling as a heroine, and despite characters’ statements to the contrary, she reveals the power and influence that women in the Greek culture held. Ismene attempts to caution her sister’s brash plan by advising, “Remember, we’re women. How can we fight men. They’re stronger. We must accept these things–and worse to come.” Despite this, however, Antigone defies Kreon, and through her actions she gains the sympathy of the populace, her sisters, and many others. Yet, as a direct result of her actions, other characters also kill themselves. So is her determination and independence admirable, or is her action ultimately one of self-destruction?
Question 3
What should we make of Ismene’s change-of-mind in the play? Is it similar to or different from Kreon’s change of mind?
Question 4
You must watch the posted video to answer this question. Please bring in direct points from the professor in your answer.
Dr. Honig argues that for this to be a true tragedy, we have to see equal weight to his side of the story. In what ways is Kreon a tyrant, and in what ways is he simply attempting to follow what is best for his state? Does he have a right to be hard-headed on the point of burial?
Question 5
This question also requires details from the posted lecture…
Late 20th century political movements–from Civil Rights to the feminist movement to gay rights–has centered on the political idea that the personal is political. Antigone, as Dr. Honig suggests, works the same way. In what ways does the personal become political for Antigone? Do you think she wants her family situation to become political? Is there any way someone can separate the two out?
Question 6
What is the role of the Chorus in the play? What attitude do they seem to have toward Antigone? Does that attitude change?

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