Critical Anaylses Paper

For this exam, you will write a critical analyses paper demonstrating understanding and application of key concepts learned on chapters 14-17. Your paper must be 3-4 pages in length excluding references pages, 12p font, and double spaced. Adherence to APA guidelines must be demonstrated where appropriate. Your paper will include a critical analyses of the questions below. A critical analyses entails a comprehensive examination of key concepts and/or theories. Please critically analyze the following:
The difference in governance of long-term care depending on ownership of the organization (for-profit, nonprofit, government)
The basic components of leadership and the skills needed to be a successful leader in long-term care administration (be specific in your analyses)
The differences between resident-centered culture change and organizational culture change
The benefits of information technology for providers, consumers, and the system
Steps a long-term care organization should go about when selecting an information system

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