Developing An Epidemiological Profile

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“Dunn” In? An Epidemiological Profile
You are the sociologist for a medical investigation team. The purpose of this team is to gather information on patients who have recently died prematurely at Indianapolis-area hospitals. You have been on the team for about three months now, and the other members of the team, a pathologist, a forensic scientist, and a criminologist, are really beginning to respect and rely on your contributions to the team.
This week the team is investigating the death of a high-powered sales executive, Mr. Dunn, from an apparent heart attack at his home in an exclusive area of Indianapolis. He was 45 years old, and he was known to have diabetes. This investigation is being made at the request of his parents upon their return to Indianapolis from a Heart Association Walkathon in Hawaii. So far, you have uncovered several significant findings that you will use to prepare an epidemiological profile of the deceased.
Mr. Dunn was recruited eight years ago by the Oxford Company, a major pharmaceutical manufacturer, and offered significant financial incentives to join them. Company records show that he has been their top salesperson for the last six years. Oxford lured Mr. Dunn away from Meyer and Meyer, Inc., which is also in the pharmaceutical field. Mr. Dunn worked for them for more than ten years and was one of their top salespersons as well. Previous to these two jobs, Mr. Dunn spent a great deal of time researching and becoming familiar with the pharmaceutical field and making contacts in the industry while making sales calls for a small assortment of other pharmaceutical companies.
Mr. Dunn’s salary was based primarily on commissions. He was on the road almost 40 weeks out of the year and was living out of a suitcase most of the time. When he wasn’t meeting with clients, he was typing up reports and making sales projections, usually followed by visits to the hotel restaurant and bar. He did try to stay in contact with his family and a few friends in Indianapolis, usually calling them on his cell phone while waiting in traffic.
The team leader has assigned you the task of developing an epidemiological profile of the executive, i.e., listing the possible contributing factors to his death based upon the facts outlined in this scenario. Develop a profile with at least five (5) likely characteristics of the decedent.

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