Guidelines: Support your responses with scholarly academic references using APA style format. Assigned course readings and online library resources are preferred. Weekly lecture notes are designed as overviews to the topic for the respective week and should not serve as a citation or reference.
In your discussion question response, provide a substantive response that illustrates a well-reasoned and thoughtful response; is factually correct with relevant scholarly citations, references, and examples; and that demonstrates a clear connection to the readings.
In your participation responses to your peers, comments must demonstrate thorough analysis of postings and extend meaningful discussion by building on previous postings.
Note: Review South University’s Substantive Participation Policy Criteria, Helpful Tips, and Late Policy available by clicking on the South University Policy and Guidelines navigation tab. The late policy applies to late discussion question responses.
1. Discuss any three risk factors associated with the development of cardiovascular diseases.
Do not just list the risk factor. You need to actually note each factor and discuss how each risk factor is a risk factor.
2. For any one of these risk factors, discuss what the advanced practice nurse includes in the educational plan for the patient who has yet to develop heart disease.
**Complete 1 AND 2 above**
Make sure you adopt an integrated approach to assess your patient’s needs. Your focus here is on primary prevention.
Possible headings for your post: (APA headings are required for scholarly writing and APA is worth 10 points on the forum grading criteria)
Discussion of 3 Risk Factors of Cardiovascular Disease
Educational Plan for 1 Risk Factor In A Client Who Has Not Developed Heart Disease (Primary Prevention)
Be sure to include a detailed educational plan and share your educational resources that will be utilized within the plan.

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