Guidelines: Support your responses with scholarly academic references using APA style format. Assigned course readings and online library resources are preferred. Weekly lecture notes are designed as overviews to the topic for the respective week and should not serve as a citation or reference.
In your discussion question response, provide a substantive response that illustrates a well-reasoned and thoughtful response; is factually correct with relevant scholarly citations, references, and examples; and that demonstrates a clear connection to the readings.
In your participation responses to your peers, comments must demonstrate thorough analysis of postings and extend meaningful discussion by building on previous postings.
Note: Review South University’s Substantive Participation Policy Criteria, Helpful Tips, and Late Policy available by clicking on the South University Policy and Guidelines navigation tab. The late policy applies to late discussion question responses.
Discuss the various types of sexually transmitted diseases (Choose the top 5 most prominent in the United States per the CDC website).
Your response should include:
1.the most common pathogens
2. typical signs and symptoms
3. diagnostic tests that confirm diagnosis
4. treatment (including medication(s) name, dose, route and frequency).
5. potential sequels from each disease.
6. How you will integrate knowledge from evidence-based practice in creating a holistic plan of
care for patients with sexually transmitted diseases?

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