Discussion: Community Based Nursing

Community Based Nursing
Read the below scenario and answer the questions that follow:
Nursing services are an important part in caring for the patients and providing them the relief they need. From patients with chronic health conditions to patients who need elder care, nursing has proved itself as an important aspect. People now prefer sending their elder parents to a daycare nurses for nursing services.
•How often have you come across the terms public health nursing, community health nursing, and community based nursing in your environment? Do you think it is a good idea to distinguish between them? Justify your answer.
•Compare the nursing codes of ethics for your specialty practice, national, and international practice areas. How do they differ? Does it make sense to have more than one code of ethics for nurses? Give reasons for your point of view.
Role of the Community Health Nurse
Obtain a job description for a community health nurse or interview a public health nurse to answer the following questions:
•Which concept of public health nursing does their practice reflect?
•Which concept is emphasized in their job description?
•Does a correlation exist between their job description and their practice?
•Are the nurses involved in policy formulation that affects client services?
•In the settings you have observed, which concept (in your opinion) is the most effective for implementation? What is your rationale?
Course textbook Public health nursing: Population-centered health care in the community, chapters 1-4. Cite your sources in your work and provide references for the citations in APA format.

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