Discussion Question 1

Once a disease is thought to be caused by an infectious agent, a range of epidemiological techniques is used to determine the extent of transmission in a population and to find the most appropriate and responsive measures to control further transmission.
As a newly trained Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) officer, you are asked to develop a project to detect and control an outbreak of an infectious disease.
Identify an infectious disease that can be detected and controlled through screening. Describe how screening influences and enhances outbreak detection as well as control and prevention. Discuss how and where you would implement a screening initiative and who would be the core or target population.
Justify your response using examples and reasoning. Comment on the postings of at least two classmates, explaining whether you agree or disagree with their views.
Evaluation Criteria:
Provided one example of an infectious disease.
Described how screening is used for the detection and control of outbreaks.
Discussed how and where a screening initiative would be implemented and who would be the core population.
Justified answers with appropriate research and reasoning by using examples and references from textbooks, the South University Online Library, and other acceptable references, citing the sources in APA format.
Commented on the postings of at least two classmates by asking questions, providing a point of view with a rationale, challenging a point of the discussion, or making a relationship between two or more points.

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