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Mary is now in her third trimester. With the support of your team, her pregnancy has progressed nicely. Christina helped her find a better living situation and she is now renting a room from an older woman, Jennifer, in a town nearby. Jennifer seems very supportive and helpful. Mary has kept her appointments with Mark and usually eats three healthy meals (often prepared by Jennifer). She is keeping her prenatal and mental health appointments. Tracey from Child Protective Services is looking more favorably on Mary’s desire to keep the baby, but will monitor the situation closely. Christina also supports this plan.
· What services are available in your area to support Mary in parenting? As an example, look for parenting classes, long-term nurse home visiting, or an assisted living facility for those with developmental disabilities that would accept Mary and her child if her current housemate is not able to provide adequate help.
· What foster care or respite services are available if these are needed? Describe these resources.
· Do you think that the resources in your community are adequate to support Mary or other women in your caseload? If not, what services are needed?

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