Drugs, Behavior, And Society

Pick a topic that you are interested in that is relevant to the subject material for the course.
Find a recent journal article (within last five years) on the subject you have chosen. The article should be a minimum of three pages. Photocopy the article and attach it to your paper.
Read the article.
Write a personal reaction paper to what you have read. This may include why you chose the article, what you found stimulating, informative, or interesting about the presentation. It may also include what you agree or disagree with, what changes occurred in your beliefs concerning the subject, or any personal thoughts, feelings or events that may be relevant. This should not be a mere synopsis of the article, but rather, your personal reactions and feelings, pro or con. I want to know what you think.
The reaction paper must be 3 pages in length, double-spaced, 12-point font and one-inch margins. If your paper runs short or you use different margins or type size you will not receive credit. This is an all or nothing assignment.

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