Energy Diary

Energy Diary

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Record all energy use for 7 days (electricity, driving/riding, heating, hot water)
To assess hot water, record total # minutes in shower each day.
For driving/riding, record miles driven (calculate gallons of gasoline used, based on miles per gallon rating of car used).
For electricity, record #minutes (hours) of usage for each appliance and lights (check wattage of bulbs used in lamps; note wattage of each appliance).
Calculate kwh for all electricity used ([watts x hours of usage]/1000 = kwh).
Convert kwh and gallons of gasoline used to MBTU (million BTUs).
Hot water use and space heating/air conditioning will be estimated, using information from University records or utility bills, based on type of residence for each person.
Submit Energy Diary in good formusing the Excel spreadsheet.
Determine from your Diary some possible energy savings (add up total MBTUs of possible Energy Saved)


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