Epidemiological studies

Epidemiological studies are applicable to communicable and non-communicable diseases. Childhood obesity is an area that is receiving more attention in public health due to the multiple morbidities that emerge as a result of this condition. Below are links to a cross-sectional study and a case-control study. Imagine that you are interested in conducting a case-control or cross-sectional study proposal of childhood obesity vs. birth weight (prenatal and early life influences). Both articles below address prenatal influences on childhood obesity and birth weight using different approaches.
Article 1 -attached
Article 2-attached
Using the information in the articles, answer the following questions using AMA format.
1. How would you select cases and controls for this study and how would you define exposure and outcome variables for a case-control study design? What other factors would you control for?
2. How would you design a proposal measuring the effect of birthweight on childhood obesity for a cross-sectional study design? What other factors would you control for?

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