Essay-Create and Interpret a Demographic Table

Essay-Create and Interprete a Demographic Table
The demographic table plays an significant role in reporting study results. It numerically summarizes major characteristics of study participants (such as age, gender, and ethnicity). Because the demographic table is introductory in nature, it is often one the first tables found in the Results sections of capstone papers, dissertations, and peer-reviewed publications. To see how a recently published capstone paper has described its study population in a demographic table using variables that are similar to those in the HDAP (your course project), refer to “Stress Reduction Program in a Military Clinic” (linked in Resources), Tables 2 and 3 (pages 26 and 27).
For this paper, complete the following:
prepare a demographic table. Follow the steps in your How to Use SPSS textbook to perform descriptive statistics for the following selected variables from the HDAP data set: Age, Gender, Race, Education, and Current Military Status. Based on the results from the descriptive statistics, and using the guidance document “How to Create a Demographic Table” from the Resources for this assignment, create a demographic table and populate it with your descriptive data; next to the variable name, use the appropriate format to identify what statistics you will be measuring (ex. mean, std, %). Remember to use the appropriate statistics (that is, mean, median, mode) for the particular kind of data measurement level.
In the assignment area, submit the SPSS work files (designated with the extension .spv) that show your multipage output, then submit a 2–3 page paper in which you provide:
A properly formatted demographic table that includes appropriate univariate statistics for the variables for each treatment group: age, gender, ethnicity, education, and current military status.
A written summary narrative about the statistical results, explaining the clinical significance of the HDAP statistical table you created, using the readings, media resources, and peer-reviewed literature as guidance.
Creating and Interpreting a Demographic Table Scoring Guide.
How to Create a Demographic Table.
How to Copy SPSS Tables and Figures Into MS Word.
Stress Reduction Program in a Military Clinic.
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