essay on environmental factors and human activity

essay on environmental factors and human activity
environmental factors and human activity
Choose one of the following options all submissions must conform to the guidelines laid out in the essay instruction sheet. Respond to all parts of the question and support your statements with well-reasoned arguments and references to appropriate resources.
i) Make a case for environmental factors and human activity and the effects of each of these changes on the Pastoral Nomad lifestyle.
ii) Given constraints in semi-arid environments, to what extent has the pastoralist lifestyle become unsustainable?
iii) Under the current as well as historical state of desertification, what is a plausible future for semi-arid and arid ecosystems?
Possible Sources –
Chaibva, S. 1996. Drought, famine, and environmental degradation in Africa. Ambio 25:212-213. Davis, D. 2005. Indigenous knowledge and the desertification debate: problematising expert knowledge in North Africa. Geo forum 36(4).
Dodd, J.L. 1994. Desertification and degradation in sub-Saharan Africa: the role of livestock. Bio Science, 44: 28-34.
Lesorogol, C. 2005. Privatizing pastoral lands: economic and normative outcomes in Kenya. World Development 33(11): 1959-1978.
Weber, K.T. and S. Horst. 2011. Desertification and livestock grazing: The roles of sedentarization, mobility and rest. Pastoral-ism: Research, Policy and Practice 1:19.


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