Essay on Japanese culture

Essay on Japanese culture

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Write a minimum of four (4) pages of double spaced report in English of an essay on Japanese culture. You can include photos of the place you visited or researched. You need to provide one page of bibliography (source you used to research your paper; books, articles, Internet websites, or other sources) which will be on the last page of your paper (5th page); use either APA or MLA formats.You have a choice of the following options
1. You can visit Japanese museum (LACMA Price Pavilion, or any special Japanese exhibit at Bower museum or elsewhere) or Japanese garden including the place, time, items/object, and your impression. Your paper should include not only your experience but also some background research on the place you visited. For example, if you visited the garden, you need to refer to how Japanese garden has been globally appreciated and/or you can compare it with other gardens in the world.
2. Attend some cultural event related to Japan and write about the experience of the event. The professor will announce those events as they come available. You may want to research background of the event or the theme that reflects the event.
3. You can research Japanese culture online and write about it. If you decide to do the research online, you will need to provide the website addresses you used to write the paper. These links and/or website addresses should be listed on the last page of your essay on Japanese culture. You may want to focus on one aspect of the Japanese culture and please consult me regarding the topic/subject you want to research.
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