essay paraphrase and rewrite

essay paraphrase and rewrite
The Machinal. When I first heard the name of the play, I thought that it would be related to something about cars, machines or even any mechanical devices because of the name. After that, I googled it and read some topics about the play and the playwright. I found too many interesting information. Firstly, I found that it’s a 1928 play which is written by the American playwright and the journalist Sophie Treadwell. Added to this, it’s inspired by true events from the life of the convicted and executed murderer Ruth Snyder. It’s obvious that this wonderful play is considered one of the most highpoints plays on the American stage till now and it will continue at this honorable spot for a very long time. I liked the paly and it left an awesome feeling inside me. The Theater was astonishing. It was huge, very organized and amazing. If I continue to say my opinion about the theater and the play, it will take a very long time because I really loved both of them.
Now I’m going to talk emotionally about the play. To be honest, at the beginning the play was a little bit boring and the events were too slow due to that Helen is fighting and struggling everything around her but after a while the main picture became clear and the theme of the play became obvious which touched me from inside. the play made me felt sorry for Helen because no one was thinking about what she wants, all of them were caring about their own benefits only even her own mother and her boss who she married. I think that the main theme of the play is telling the audience with a expressionism way how the main character (Helen) feels about her life and how she fights and struggles to reach her own satisfaction and comfort although all of the circumstances that is facing her and standing as a barrier between her and her goals in life. That is the big picture of the play.
Let’s go ahead and talk about the actor’s performance. Firstly, the actress who played the character of Helen jones. She was one of the best actresses that I ever saw on stage, she was very convincing and showed the audience the real feeling that Helen feels and she was really feeling the character as it were her for real! I liked her way of acting too much and she is a wonderful actress. The Boss (George h. Jones) was very amazing too and was personalizing the character in a very good way. The mum, lover and even the secondary characters were very good too and they did a very good show. On the other hand, the relationships that the actors created were so believable. they made these relationships real in a such an extraordinary way. Especially, the relationship between Helen and her husband (George), the relationship between Helen and her lover (Richard Roe) and the relationship between Helen and her mother.
It is so important to mention the technical elements, the direction and the design way of the play. plus, the sound and the lighting system. First of all, the direction was brilliant and amazing. All of these amazing scenes are because of the director (Julianne Just) who did a great job in making this play be in this astonishing way. Additionally, the elements which are used are very simple but they are used in a way that is very efficient and effective. Plus, the costume designs which are awesome and attractive. Two of the most important things are the sound and the lighting system which were extraordinary and were done in such a professional way that made the audience live the scenes with the actors.
Finally, in order to sum up my point of view about the play I have to say that this is one of the best plays I have ever seen on stage even here or in my home country Egypt because of the message that delivers to the audience and the amazing actors who performed the show. I was very happy to attend such an awesome play and I felt that I was living the scenes with them. especially, the sad ones when Helen was crying and was in grieve. An amazing experience and unforgettable one!

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