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The Last Lecture

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Please read “The Last Lecture” for your final essay.
Here is the free link for the book —
Also, watch his YouTube version here —
For your final essay, think back to the three major genres and themes covered this semester (fiction, poetry, and drama). Explain how each one of them fit into Randy Pausch’s message in “The Last Lecture.”
So, follow this format. Your final essay can be a little longer. Think 3-4 pages with in-text citations and a WC page. Use at least two sources.
Introduction – Ease into this.
Fiction aspect – That could cover the art of storytelling. He learned that gift from his father.
Poetry aspect – The book was a love letter to his wife and kids, which he talked about extensively.
Drama aspect – His diagnosis was a tragedy, and he had to deal with his own hubris that he wasn’t invincible.
Connection — Instead of a connection, answer this question — What is the purpose of literature? This was asked of you during the first week of class.
Conclusion – Wrap it up. Tie it back to the beginning.
it is due April 29
use two sources, You can use the book and the you Tube link


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