Evaluation Project Powerpoint

Assignment 1: Application: Evaluation Project
Part 7: Project Document and PowerPoint
One of the defining attributes of evidence-based practice is the process of disseminating findings. Without effective dissemination, the most brilliant practice changes might be filed away and never utilized. Nurses have a large range of dissemination options at their disposal, but one of the most common is the PowerPoint presentation. PowerPoint presentations can convey the details of a project in a highly condensed format that is suitable for both face-to-face and remote audiences. In this final part of your Evaluation Project, you create a PowerPoint presentation that summarizes your 10-page evaluation plan.
To prepare:
Review the 10-page evaluation plan document you began in Week 9.
Review Walden University’s recommendations for designing effective presentations on the “Presentations” web page in this week’s Learning Resources.
Consider how you would express the contents of the document in a PowerPoint format.
To complete Part 7 of this Evaluation Project:
By Thursday 01/02/2017,
Collate and finalize your 10-page evaluation plan. Create a PowerPoint presentation of a minimum of 10 slides that uses recommended design principles to effectively communicate your evaluation plan.
1) A title slide
2) The PICO question
3) The evaluation model you used
4) The highlights of your literature review
5) Evaluation methodology plan
6) Evaluation plan
7) The limitations and opportunities for further research you identified
8) A reference page
Required Readings
Please use previous references used in the Evaluation Plan paper

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