Families from different backgrounds come together as one by blending with each other, things rarely progresses smoothly

Families from different backgrounds come together as one by blending with each other, things rarely progresses smoothly (Koppes, 2014). In some scenarios children may resist changes, whereas parents can become frustrated when the new family doesn’t function like they expect. Parents they have to decide to make new families with longer lives make together and form a new blended family that includes children from one or both of your previous relationships. This can be achieved by first laying foundations for a blended family which are: making parenting decisions before marriages, find ways to experience real life together, insist on respect and
limit your expectations on the new family structure you are building.
Successful second marriages can be achieved in three ways, one by planning financial and living arrangements before marriage. This is where the one should agree on where they will live and how to share their money. Most couples prefer to move on a new residence as oppose to stay at their previous homes so as to create a new neutral environment for both parties (Koppes, 2014). On financial planning some couples prefer to share their money instead of separating in order to boost family relationship.
Secondly on building a successful second marriages is resolving feelings and concerns about previous marriages this is done by psychologically preparing your children on the new arrangements especially those adolescent stages because at this stage children tend to be so emotional as compared to the younger ones of age 10 and below who they easily accept the new adult in their lives. When not considered it can easily destroy the new family arrangements and it will simply not work. Lastly by anticipating parenting changes and decisions parents should discuss their roles as a parent because of the whole new scenario; it isn’t the same when you are a step parent even if the children knew you before the arrangement.
In Conclusion One needs to maintain a good marriage quality in a blended family by setting aside time as a couple when the children are in school, present a unified parenting approach to the children by simply avoiding to argue in front of them this will destroy the whole family unity picture. You can always seek an external help like from therapist or close family members. Making a new family it is a challenge especially when you had not planned or take in considerations before making one. It needs patienceand commitment to make a successful second marriage.
Koppes, L. L. (2014). Couples Considering a Blended Family – Things to consider before remarriage and tips for creating a cohesive blended family. (University of Florida). Psychology Press.

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