Give Us Examples Of Such Corollaries And Include: Desired Results; Success Measures

Once the purpose is defined, the activities to achieve that purpose may be defined according to the different stakeholders. Clarifying corollaries to the purpose may be helpful to ensure that the various stakeholders or discussion participants can see that their ideas are addressed.
Payers’ definitions, perspectives, and expectations of quality of care
The patient’s quality outcome met expectations and established guidelines per the insurance policy and achieved these goals with appropriate utilization of resources (no under or over utilization)
Accrediting and regulatory organizations’ definitions, perspectives, and expectations of quality of care
Provider meets established compliance requirements to ensure safety expectations are met
Provider routinely submits reportable metrics, as required
Give us examples of such corollaries and include: desired results; success measures; process/interventions implemented; goals for performance. Use and example from your facility or conduct research and give us an example

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