Hand hygiene is huge and should be taught at an early age

Hand hygiene is huge and should be taught at an early age. In January the high school my son goes to was closed down do to high rate of norovirus in the students. That Friday they noticed that 10 students from the boys varsity basket ball team were to ill to play, diarrrhea and vomiting. The school acted very quickly and sent out a mass text/email canceling all sports and events for the weekend, they reassured everyone that they will sanitize the school over the weekend and to not come to school on Monday if students are symptomatic. Monday came around and about 1000 students called in sick (the school has about 2500 students). Teachers came to school and made calls to each and every parent to try and determine how many were actually showing symptoms. The high school decided to close school for 2 days, and sanitize more and school opened door on Thursday. I’m sure if everyone practiced good hand hygiene the sick numbers would not be so high.

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