Health and human science

Ecological Systems

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A. Cumulative Writing: Copy/paste (and revise if needed) your individual assignment on assignment on ‘Perspective Taking: Ecological Systems and Life Course Model’ (from Module 3).
Be sure all of the following sections (with headings) are included:
Definition of Health and Well being
Alternative Perspectives
Ecological Systems
Life Course Model
Add an additional heading: Systems of Action
B. Systems of Action: Give at least three examples (for each type of action: technical, communicative and critical) that may be used to help resolve the problem described in your paper. Be future oriented: Think about what might be done to help resolve the problem — not what actions have already taken place already.
· Technical actions are those related to completing an immediate goal or making a product.
· Communicative actions are those focused on achieving ‘deeper’ communication, that is, to achieve shared beliefs, mutual understanding, transmit culture or traditions.
· Critical actions are those actions and/or ‘deeper’ questions which help to examine assumptions, beliefs, and attitudes.

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