Health Information Final

Many different topics are covered within this course. Select one area of health information management/informatics that interests you, making sure your topic is broad enough for you to write 8-10 pages. You will also want to do a library search to make sure that you can find at least 10 good sources to help you research your topic. At the end of Week 3, you will be required to submit your topic for approval by the instructor.
Once your topic has been approved, you should immediately begin writing an 8- to 10-page research paper addressing the following topics. Your completed paper is due at the end of Week 8.
How this topic relates to the field of health information management/informatics
Identify the challenges seen in the application of this topic
Analyze and discuss possible solutions to these challenges
Discuss how this topic could help to promote or grow the professional field of health information management/informatics
For a list of possible topics, clickon the Portfolio Project Topics link below.
Be sure your paper is 8-10 pages long, includes a title page, is double spaced, and has 1-inch margins. You must cite at least 10 sources using CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements. The CSU-Global library is a great place to find these sources!
These papers will be uploaded into the plagiarism checker, so make sure you do not use more then 15-20 percent of text from sources, including quotes or closely paraphrased material.

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