Health Policy

I found this video that I would like you all to watch. “Sick Around the World”
Watch this video with these questions in mind. Please answer the following:
What are some good aspects of the U.S. health care market and what are some things we can learn/adopt from other countries?
How would you recruit more members of the U.S. workforce to health care services? What about to specific branches within health care services?
Do you think legislators and executives should be rusted as health policy suppliers, or not? what about judges?
As Health Care Administrators, you will have to think about these things because many of you will have position that will influence policies.
This week focuses on the role of courts in health policy and policymaking
1. In which of their three core roles do you think courts can most significantly alter health policies? Why?
2. What is the importance of legal precedent for policymaking?

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