Q1: Consider the following assertion from Health Policymaking in the United States: “Implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)… is proving to be a monumental and challenging management undertaking (Jost 2014)” (p. 197). Based on what you know of the ACA and the implementation process, why might this be? What about managing this act can be so “monumental and challenging”? You may support your answers by referring to Appendix 1, “Overview of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,” or from additional Internet searches.
Q2: for this post, imagine that you are an interest group member, stakeholder, or lobbyist intent on influencing a certain piece of health policy. This health policy should fall under CMS’s implementation duties. Identify the role you would take on and the health policy that concerns you. Then, explain how you would advocate for this policy in this role, whether that would be through writing letters, meeting with one of your government representatives, or communicating with CMs members. Include a portion of the letter you would write or the conversation you would have to try to impact CMS through the creation or modification or rules.

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