1.Analyze the implications of aging demographics for society and older adults for the United States in relation to health care delivery. (1.33pts)
Analyze the implications of the aging demographics for society and older adults for the United States in relation to health care utilization. (1.33pts)
Compare and contrast several factors that are believed to influence the biological process of aging. (1.33pts)
Examine the differences and similarities between industrialized nations and less-developed countries with respect to current demographic trends and projections for the next 25 to 50 years. (2pts)
Explain ONE important health concern of aging adults in THREE ethnic minority populations. (2pts)
Describe the two major theories associated with the cause of aging. How are these theories related? (2pts)
Summarize several physiological changes and common health problems that affect the older adult. (2pts)
The skin is influenced by environmental factors as well as by changes within the body due to genetics. Describe the changes that take place over time and the consequences of such changes. (2pts)
Discuss the positive health behaviors that will lengthen one’s life and the negative ones that will likely shorten life. Be sure to include several specific biological, psychological, social, and economic factors that influence longevity and how these factors interact to increase or decrease lifespan. (2pts)
Explain the interaction between biological and social changes for the older population. Discuss how this interaction can increase or decrease lifespan. (2pts)
List several behaviors believed to promote heath and prevent disease. Illustrate how community-based programs could promote such desired behaviors in older adults. (2pts)
List the recent changes in health policy. Evaluate how these changes in health policy will affect the elderly and their families. (2pts)
Summarize the differences and interaction between acute and chronic illness. Provide examples. (2pts)
Outline how the health delivery system responds to the health care needs of older adults. Recommend changes to better meet the needs of the older population. (2pts)
Describe the differences in medical-care utilization among at least TWO racial/ethnic groups. Evaluate the relationship between utilization, incidence of disease, and prevalence of disease among these ethnic groups. (2pts)
Define osteoporosis and describe its potential impact on older adults. (2pts)

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