Cite your sources using the correct APA format on a separate page. Must have less than 25% on turnitin!!!
When writing in this class, I ask that you use headings within your writings that correspond with the rubric that I am grading from. For example, if the Weekly Discussion has four sections to respond to, then please use these four headings in your post and put your responses under each heading. Or if your paper has six rubric sections to answer about, then have six headings in your paper and put the information below these headings.
I have found that it makes it easier for the both of us and it improves my student’s grades exponentially. Also, less is missed because you can see if you have completed each and every section of the rubric and I will know where to find your answers that correspond.
Identify at least one alternate health profession, such as PA-C, and a related professional organization, such as the American Academy of Physician Assistants.
Prepare a PowerPoint presentation that answers the following:
What is your interest in this profession?
What are your goals regarding this profession? Describe the plans you have made towards this goal in the past year.
What is the growth trend for this profession, especially as there is a continuing shortage of medical professionals in the U.S.?
In addition, your presentation should address the following:
What was Florence Nightingale’s role in establishing nursing as a formal occupation?
Compare and contrast the types of nursing programs described in Cockerham (2007) to the available nursing programs listed on the All Nursing Schools Web site.
Write additional information in the Notes section of the PowerPoint presentation.

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