Medicare, the Elderly and Reimbursement Issues
Medicare was designed to provide healthcare to a specific population at a time when many of the elderly seemed unable to afford healthcare.
Based on your understanding of the topic, answer the following:
Does the above statement remain true today, especially with many people staying in the workplace long after what was previously considered the retirement age? Why or why not?
Should Medicare be expanded to include not just older Americans and those with certain disabilities, but other people as well? Discuss.
Some contend the creation of Medicare was part of a long struggle toward nationalized healthcare insurance. Medicare is now such a large program and it has an immense impact on the rest of the industry.
Has the implementation of Medicare actually forwarded the cause for national health insurance or impeded its progress? Discuss.
Explain the political and administrative issues possibly playing a part in this respect?
Reimbursement of Medicare has had a dramatic effect on both the acute and long-term care of the healthcare industries.
How has the change to the PPS for hospitals in the early 1980s and the change to PPS in the late 1990s had such a dramatic effect on the healthcare industry?
Discuss issues of Medicare that are fraud and abuse. How has the government’s effort to curb abuse shaped the Medicare policies and regulations?

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