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Are Mental Health Issues Like Depression Related to Race?
While there is a plethora of research that has examined health disparities in chronic and infectious diseases,less research has examined the relationship between diseases and mental health. Depression in particular, can be a huge risk factor for illness and disease.
Studies suggest that blacks are more depressed than whites, given their increased exposure to race-related and generic stress (George & Lynch, 2003; Brown, 2003, p. 293).
Do you agree or disagree with the statement? Why? Are depressed moods and race related? State at least two studies that refute the statement. Justify your answers with appropriate research and reasoning.
Brown, T.N. (2003). Critical race theory speaks to the sociology of mental
health: Mental health problems produced by racial stratification.
Journal of Health and Social Behavior, 44: 292–301.
George, L.K., and Lynch M.S. (2003). Race differences in depressive
symptoms: A dynamic perspective on stress and vulnerability. Journal of Health
and Social Behavior, 44, 353–69.
Developing Personal Wellness
Developing a personal health statement is a critical step in taking ownership of one’s personal wellness. Identifying personal risk factors and behaviors that lead to illness, disability, and injury help to define areas for health education, prevention, and promotion for an increased quality of life. Government agencies within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services assist individuals and community members by developing prevention policies, such as the creation of smoke-free cities to promote health and address objectives for healthier individuals, communities, workplaces, and schools.
What positive lessons can be learned about social illness prevention? What positive lessons and drawbacks can be learned about the development of health policy and individual lifestyle programs relating to personal choices? Justify your answers with appropriate research and reasoning.

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