Identifying A Group Identify An Area Of Chronic Illness Of Specific Interest To You And That Is Represented As A Healthy People 2020 Topic (Healthypeople.Gov). Explain Your Choice And Your Interest In It. Prepare A Questionnaire Utilizing Your Knowledge

Identifying a Group
Identify an area of chronic illness of specific interest to you and that is represented as a Healthy People 2020 topic ( Explain your choice and your interest in it. Prepare a questionnaire utilizing your knowledge of health and illness, with the aim of acquiring all information you need from patients to prepare a plan of care for the specific illness group. Submit your information in a 4- to 5-page Microsoft Word document. In addition to your questionnaire, be sure to include the following details in your paper.
Chronic Illness of interest
Morbidity and cormorbidity of the disease
Impact of the chronic illness and patient morbidity and the affect to overall health of nation
Healty People 2020 goals and objectives for specific illness group
Support your responses with examples. My chronic illiness is Diabetes

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