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Information Systems Assignment help
This is a friendly reminder that ALL students enrolled in this course must submit the INTR report in order to pass the course. Please read the instructions thoroughly.
Here is an overview of what is required for the report:
If you participated in CPT
If you completed an internship/employment opportunity: Please reflect on how you applied the knowledge gained in your classes, this semester, to your internship or work experience. The reflection should be unique and directly connected to the content you learned in the classroom this semester. The reflection should not include your job description or the course descriptions.
If this is the only position you have held this term, please provide a minimum of 500 words. If you have had more than one position, please provide a minimum of 250 words for each employer.
If you DID NOT participate in CPT
If you did not complete an internship/employment opportunity: Reflect on how you will apply the knowledge gained in your classes, this semester, to a future employment opportunity.
The reflection should be a minimum of 500 words.
August 10th is the deadline for INTR Report submissions, any reports submitted after this date will not be graded and you will be assigned an F for the course.
Courses for this semester
1.2018_SUMMER_IG_Bus Cont Plan & Disaste Recovery Plan_23
2. 2018_SUMMER_MAIN_Info. Security and Risk Mgmt._28
My job details:-
My role :- IT QA tester
we do testing on Banking applications
Please create a report for how these two subjects related and helpful in my job role (IT-QA tester) for this semester.


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