Introduction to Film Studies

Introduction to Film Studies
Every answer has a minimum of 50 words. This week we are reviewing chapter 10
Book used in class : Corrigan, T. & White, P. (2015). The film experience (4th Ed). Boston, MA: Bedford/St. Martin’s
Introduction to Film Studies is designed to provide students with an overview of film history and the skills necessary to analyze and critique film. Students will learn about film theory, aesthetics, genres, and basic film criticism. Students will analyze film through an examination of cinematography, editing, acting, scenes, and sound to allow students to view films critically, to develop a systematic and convincing interpretation of the films they watch, and to acquire the ability to analyze films
1)How did World War II impact the film industry and films in general?
2)Compare and contrast two films from different traditions/cultures that engage with similar material (storyline, plot, characters, genre, etc.).
3) Discuss one of the global cinemas examined within Chapter 10. What are some of the conventions, formulas, and/or storylines?
4)Please watch the video provided. Summarize the main information provided in how to make a short documentary. If you were creating a short documentary, what would be the subject? Please provide a synopses.

5) Here’s a very good article that talks about emotional arc: Documentary Storytelling: The Drama of Real Life
Can you think of any documentary that has a very specific ’emotional arc’?
6) What is the importance of archiving and preserving the film past?
7)What is lost when women filmmakers are excluded from the traditional Hollywood-centered histories? What is gained when those films are examined and reshown? (50 words min)
8) Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender (LGBT) Film History
50 words post

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